The Gashapon

The pinnacle of automated Gear distribution for every Hotel Maintenance Crew! The Gashapon Machine is a massive Item vending machine that sits on Sub Floor 1, right next to the ice machine. The Gashapon's item distribution decisions used to be orchestrated by FortRA, but these days it just seems to pick randomly. Need a few guns to deal with some pesky Clunkheads? Well looks like a Bag of Marbles, a truly Unholy Totem, and a Cricket Bat are going to have to do!

The Gashapon accepts all standard Gold Coins that the Crew would normally receive from the Bartender and depending on the amount you input into the machine, outputs a random Item from that Rarity Tier! The more Gold you enter, the higher the chance of receiving something remarkably wonderful! Should the Crew save up their Gold? Pool it all together? Or take a chance?

Pull the giant lever, listen to the wildly ear piercing noises, watch the blindingly strobing lights, and find out!


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